Mimamsa Registration Portal

Create a new team with the correct details and ask your teammates to fill the new form they will recieve via email.

You can modify your personal details through the link you must have recieved by refilling the form available upon clicking the link, until registrations are open.

You may join another team. You will automatically be removed from the wrong team.

You cannot leave a team that has been verified for participation so make sure to join teams carefully. Do not accept an invite if you have not agreed to be in a team with the people mentioned in the invite email.

If you qualify for any kind of prize from mimamsa, we will verify your personal and college details. If you have qualified for a prize from more than one team then you will be disqualified.

Create a new team with a different member in place of the person that left, the other members can join the new team throught the new link that they will recieve.

Ask your team members if they have given their personal details through the link given to them in their emails and check team verification status above.